stopcor a1(3)

The series of anodes STOPCOR characterized by the production method and voltage imposition, through sacrificial magnesium anode. When thus formed duplex electrolytic copper foil, a common environment,capable of providing a voltage of about 1,5 volt and current density of about 10 mA.

The anodes operate as constant voltage and current independent power generators .
They have two mounting points :

The cable that is built into the top of the device and connected to the magnesium metal inside.
The terminal on the side of the device, which is connected to the second electrolytic pole surrounding the magnesium metal.

These two points of the devices are connected in the metal installations and generally in any metal surface that may have a predisposition for electrolysis.

The top cable is connected to the metal surfaces and the terminal, cable, a grounding point that we create floors.

In this way it constant voltage and constant current, with negative.

Metallic surfaces made electronegative thereby preventing electrolysis.

The diversity of plants and general construction in size, materials and method of construction, They led us to construct different types of anodes, which can respond to the needs.

The types of anode circulating is A1 – A3 – Α5 και μπορούν να χρησιμοποιηθούν τυποποιημένα για ένα μεγάλο μέρος κατασκευών.

For larger installations specificities and greater demands circulates series STOPCOR PLUS with their respective formulas

A1 - A3 - A5 - A7 - A9.

The life of the anode is calculated for about three years, but may be shorter in facilities is very strong electrolysis effect. Αντιθέτως η διάρκεια μπορεί να είναι μεγαλύτερη των τριών χρόνων σε εγκαταστάσεις με μικρότερα φαινόμενα. A small but substantial maintenance such as a semi-annual inspection as described on the relevant page may also contribute to the longer duration..

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