– Natural gas

Natural gas

What is natural gas;

Natural gas is a natural product found in underground deposits of earth and encountered either alone or coexist with oil deposits.

Is a mixture of hydrocarbons in gaseous state, consisting mainly of methane (more than 85%), which is the lightest hydrocarbon, very clean, without impurities and sulfur compounds.

A "natural form of energy" that can be used without special treatment and make appropriate perfect combustion appliances.

Natural gas is the conventional fuel friendlier to the environment and humans.

Natural gas is the cleanest source of primary energy, after renewable. The sizes of the emitted pollutants are clearly smaller than conventional fuels, while improving efficiency reduces overall fuel consumption and therefore reduce air pollution.

Gas supply.

Natural gas exists in large stocks already found sufficient at least 100 years in countries such as the former Soviet Union, Iran, Qatar, Iraq, Nigeria, Algeria, the U.S. etc..

The Greece currently supplies natural gas from 3 different sources:

  • from Russia (through Bulgaria) pipeline in gaseous form,
  • from Algeria by tanker in liquefied form (premises of the island Revithousa, the Gulf of Megara) and
  • from 2007, from Azerbaijan (through Turkey) pipeline in gaseous form.

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