+ Natural gas

What is natural gas;;;

Natural gas is a natural product found in underground deposits of earth and encountered either alone or coexist with oil deposits.

Is a mixture of hydrocarbons in gaseous state, consisting mainly of methane (more than 85%), which is the lightest hydrocarbon, very clean, without impurities and sulfur compounds.

A "natural form of energy" that can be used without special treatment and make appropriate perfect combustion appliances.

Natural gas is the conventional fuel friendlier to the environment and humans.

It is friendly to the environment than conventional fuels because substituting helps reduce greenhouse gases and acid rain.

It is a modern form of energy and comes to replace oil heating, diesel, electricity, LPG and fuel oil in industry.
It is safe and lighter than air, so in case of leakage spread to higher altitudes.
It's cheaper than all conventional fuels.


The natural gas can be used in numerous applications and cases at home, business and industry.

In the residential sector:

  • central heating building
  • heating house or apartment
  • hot water
  • cooking
  • C

In the commercial sector:

  • heating
  • cooking and baking
  • hot water
  • steam
  • C
  • Cogeneration of electricity and heat

    The natural gas over time is the most economical choice and the best energy investment over time for household and professional use, offering competitive pricing relative to conventional forms of energy (oil, electric current, LPG etc.).

    Natural gas is available whenever you need it every time through the installed network.
    No need to order or be ready to receive the. The operation of gas appliances is simple and offers convenience and comfort in your daily life (eg. hot water instantly).

    With the gas tank no installation required, since it is available through the distribution network, while released from unpleasant odors and residual oil.

    The metering is done by meter readings, as in the cases of PPC and EYDAP, while always paying only what you consume and after consumption.

    The clean-burning natural gas ensures reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life. 

    Natural gas is a completely natural product, is lighter than air and, if released to the atmosphere directly removed. Is odorless but characteristic odor is added to detect possible leakage of. It is also not toxic, it does not contain carbon monoxide.

    Construction works for the gas network in Attica made under strict standards and modern. The network monitor 24 hour, 365 days a year with special electronic system (SCADA) the modern company's control center. Additionally become superstitious and systematic spot checks proper operation of specialized technicians.Skilled engineers, licensed plumbers and licensed installers boiler technicians undertake the construction and regulation of domestic gas installations both inside and outside the building. Regulation premises used by the Attiki Gas Supply Company SA. conforms to the standards set by the European Community and applied in Western Europe.

    Before the start of gas, always performed final inspection of the installation by the technical inspectors Attiki Gas Supply Company.
    If the flame is extinguished device, the specific mechanism with gas appliances automatically stops providing the. Furthermore it can be placed specific probe gas in space automation disconnection of.


    The phenomenon of air pollution, the growing importance of global warming, deforestation, have made the environment a major issue. And a major cause of air pollution is the use of fuels for energy production, necessary energy options to combine development with environmental protection.

    Natural gas is the cleanest and with lower pollutants than all other conventional fuels.

    • The combustion produces less carbon dioxide, so substituting other fuels help reduce greenhouse.
    • It contains sulfur compounds that pollute the environment and cause the phenomenon of acid rain.
    • It burns clean and emits virtually no soot and particulates, reducing air pollution.