– Water supply


COPPER – Laminated


SANCO®: Ο SANCO ® είναι ο Νο 1 Naked copper tube in Europe and can be used across the building plumbing.
• In straight lengths 3 measures.
WICU®: The copper tube plastki lining suitable for all applications in building plumbing, especially where they have good external protection.
• In coils of 25/50 measures.
WICU® Flex: O flexible pipe with PE lining which reduces the transmission of noise as the formation of condensation and heat loss.
• In coils of 25/50 measures.
WICU® Extra: The ideal tube lined with copper to carry hot water in sanitary and heating systems. The thermal insulation reduces heat losses to a minimum.
• In coils of 25 m / lengths 5 measures.
Q-tec ®: Innovative pipe system, easy to use. The reduced wall thickness of copper tube in combination with an integrated PE lining ensures an efficient installation.
• In coils of 50/100 measures.
WICU® Clim: Copper tube for air conditioning and refrigeration foam lined with closed cell PE and PE foil.
• In coils of 25/50 measures.