– Briquettes


The wood briquettes are 100% natural product thanks to linnini containing wood and released during the compression briquettes made compact and solid without additional adhesives.

The briquettes are the alternative to a modern, environmentally friendly heating. The briquettes are made under high pressure, not contain harmful substances and chemical additives , that is a renewable and inexhaustible ecological biofuel that does not pollute the environment.


  • They are easy to store as it is packed in airtight packages 8 Stock / about 7-7.5 pounds help putting them in any place( by the fireplace , the balcony etc )
  • Not pollute the store as they have mud, soils, humidity etc.
  • Material is clean and does not leave ash ( 5 times less ash from wood )
  • Has 4 – 6 times less moisture from the wood
  • It has great calorific, 1 kg of briquettes = 1,6 kg wood
  • An efficiency of 88% – 92 %
  • No sparks fly avoiding further damage to the site
  • The warmth and feel of fire is the same as that of wood.
  • The briquettes can be used instead of firewood as they meet ecological and the needs to heat an average house without using another heating source and have wide application (conventional and energy fireplace, wood-fired boilers , burners , heaters - boilers and wood-fired bakery )

To think that, because wood is approximately 50% cheaper than the briquettes is more economical fuel, is wrong.
The briquettes have 60% greater thermal strength of the wood compared a kilogram


Also a wood boiler system achieves a maximum efficiency 80 % while with Briquettes 88% – 92 %


It is also more economical product than wood because:

1 ) Buying 1 ton briquettes have 1 tonne of fuel
While wood is purchased 1 tone woods but 600 pounds of fuel due to the high content of wood in water

( touches 40% )

2) when we burn 160 pounds of wood, burn 100 kg Briquettes saving additional fuel.