+ Energy Systems

All buildings (homes, offices, hotels etc) include energy systems.
These systems are referred to as building energy systems. The majority of building energy systems are systems of consumption or passive energy systems. Nonetheless, several buildings have energy and production systems.
In this case, The energy produced, consumed in the building (own consumption) or sold.

Typical building energy systems is the following:

  1. Artificial lighting.
  2. Natural lighting with adjustable shading.
  3. Artificial indoor heating.
  4. Physical space heating through glass.
  5. Artificial cooling indoor.
  6. Artificial moisture regulation of indoor.
  7. Artificial renewal of indoor air (ventilation / aeration).
  8. Natural ventilation.
  9. Artificial cleaning of indoor air.
  10. Thermal insulation shell interiors.
  11. Artificial water heating.
  12. Distribution of electricity in electric loads and sockets (sockets) internal and external areas of the building.
  13. Electrical and electronic equipment.
  14. Household gas appliances (eg. kitchens).
  15. Distribution systems of water use in different parts of the building (kitchen, WC etc.).
  16. Solar Water Heater.
  17. Photovoltaics.