Our activity started by k. George D. Maroulis in 1985 in order services in the field of hydraulic main preoccupation with the installation and technical support to heating systems and water supply. The 2003 started the commercial activity in the area of ​​Supply, Heating and gas.

Soon the growing demand and the desire to satisfy market needs, prompted us to expand and to focus more on marketing and proceed to search and marketing, new, high-tech products that would meet the wide range of heating and plumbing. The 2009 the company expanded into a new showroom for the best and most direct customer contact with our products.

Now with more than 20 years (from 1985) experience in the field can safely say that we are a quality and reliable solution to your needs.

On our website you will find information on the company, on products and services we provide and list of companies that we work. Of course here you will find all the details on how to contact us.